Microbe-Lift Sludge Away Quart



Microbe-Lift Sludge Away Quart

Formulated for the removal of organic bottom solids that are slow to degrade, especially helpful in ponds that have a rock or gravel bottom or where vacuuming is impractical.

Microbe-Lift Sludge Away Rates
Pond Size
(once per week for 4 weeks)
80-2,5002 oz per 100 gal.1 oz per 100 gal.
2,501 – 5,0001.75 oz per 100 gal1 oz per 100 gal.
5,001 +1.5 oz per 100 gal1 oz per 100 gal.
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 12 in