OASE LunAqua Classic LED 3 pc Set


The LunAqua Classic LED Set 3 combines function and fun—providing impactful and focused lighting that will enhance your pond or water feature and ensure it remains—night or day—the focal point of your outdoor space. The LED underwater spotlight provides a pleasant and warm light accent for everyday— or special event illumination of your pond and water feature. Is your water feature focal point filled with special plant life or a bounty of fish? Illuminate them! With only 1 volt of power consumption (multi LED per bulb) per bulb, it’s energy efficiency is for the environmentally conscientious. The LunAqua Classic LED Set 3 also comes with a 12-volt transformer and splitter. It requires minimal maintenance and promises fast and easy installation. Three light options assure flexibility in placement and are ideal for illumination of fountains, ponds, pond landscapes, garden and terraces. Product design allows for versatile placement of the beam angle and additional options. The LunAqua Classic provides flexibility in composition and ensures your water feature and landscape remains the central focus of your outdoors space.

Weight6.83 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 4.5 in