Pondmaster Replacement Media for 190 Kit (02019) Coarse & Carbon



Keep your pond clean with the Pondmaster 12195 2-Count Coarse Foam Pad Replacement Filter. It is made from coarse polyester and foam to offer biological filtration and mechanical filtration. Use it to support your plant and fish life. The coarse foam filter comes in a two pack.
Pondmaster 12195 2 Count Coarse Foam Pad Replacement Filter:

  • Replacement filter
  • Coarse polyester and foam offer biological filtration and mechanical filtration
  • Filtration helps support plant and fish life
  • Coarse foam poly combo pack for PMK 190
  • Pondmaster replacement filter comes with 2 per card
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 12 in